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Enable contextual preview and editing of Next.js rendered pages in Content Studio


  • Live preview in Content Studio
This proxy replaces traditional XP rendering, and rather acts as a proxy that communicates with remote rendering servers based on Next.js. Beyond acting as a basic proxy, it manipulates hardcoded Next.js assets with the `/_next` prefix to work with Content Studio. The proxy only solves a part of making links work well in Content Studio. The Next.js implementation must also make use headers passed by the proxy to generate contectually valid links.


  1. 0.13.0

    • Support passing query params to nextjs frontend
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.9.0
  2. 0.12.0

    • Changes for nextjs link elements
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.9.0
  3. 0.11.0

    • Pass jsessionid cookie to nextjs for auth in guillotine
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.9.0
  4. 0.10.0

    • Replaces lib-nextjs-proxy
    • Support for nextjs preview mode
    • Support for Next.js static pages
    • Event-based front-end cache invalidation
    • CSS URL rewrite support
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.9.0