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CoreUI Starter

A starter for an application that is going to be created with CoreUI, React and Bootstrap 4.


  • CoreUI Dashboard
  • CoreUI Charts
  • CoreUI Tables

The theme contains examples of tabs, cards, dashboard and BS4 components that can be used in an application. Fonts and colors can be changed with SASS. Build and developer tools has been setup for both developer and production mode.

Developer mode contains transpiling and bundling of React and SASS files with webpack. ES6 files can be created and will be transpiled by Babel. In developer mode livereload is enabled so changes in react and sass files will automatically refresh the browser. When the app is ready for production the build task compresses the bundle files.

An example of the application implemented can be viewed at the Core UI webpage: http://coreui.io/demo/React_Demo/#/


  1. 0.5.0

    • Initial version released for Enonic Market
    • Compatibility:
      • 6.9.0


Clone CoreUI Starter

To initialize a new project based on CoreUI Starter, execute the command below. Remember to replace <com.company.myapp> with a unique name for your app, and </my/projects> with the location you want to store the project. <$XP_INSTALL> is the location of your XP installation.



The init-project tool initializes a new application project structure by retrieving a Git repository, removing all references to the Git repository, and adapting its build file properties (gradle.properties).

Complete init-project documentation