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An Enonic XP library that simplifies persisting data in your own node repository

A library to make it simpler to create your own node repositories that you can use in your app. Just use the command appersist.repository.getConnection() which will return a RepoConnection. Use .create to create nodes inside this repo.


  1. 2.0.0

    • Migrated to XP v7
    • Compatibility:
      • 7.0.0
  2. 1.0.0

    • Initial release
    • Compatibility:
      • 6.13.0

Download Appersist

An XP library is normally included in your application through the Gradle build script like this:

dependencies {
    include 'openxp.lib:appersist:2.0.0'

Download the source code for Appersist

Documentation for Appersist