How do I add my project to Enonic Market?

There are three types of content you can add to Enonic Market - Apps, Libs and Starters.  Below, we list what you need to complie in order to submit a project.

NB! For the moment, we only accept open source listings. Make sure your source code includes a file (typically named NOTICE.txt) that clearly lists project dependencies and respective licenses as well as a file that states the license of your project (typically named LICENSE.txt). Check out for an example of how we do this.

Common for all projects

  • Project Name (i.e. com.enonic.myapp)
  • Display Name (i.e. My Cool App)
  • Short description
  • Long description
  • SVG icon that fits well within a square
  • Screenshots with caption (jpg/png preferably in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Documentation url

Version(s) - fields specified below

  • Version number (1.0.0, 3.1.2 etc)
  • Minimum XP version compatibility (5.3.1, 6.2.0 etc)
  • Changelog (bullet list)

App and Lib specific

Application and library artifacts must be published to a public maven repository.

  • Repository url
  • Group ID (i.e. com.enonic.xp.apps)
  • Artifact ID (i.e. myapp)
  • Source Code url

Starter Specific

Starters are different because it is the source code that is of the greatest importance. Your source code must be available on a git repository. If you don't already have access to one we recommend checking out

Starter projects should use permissive open source licenses such as Apache 2.0

  • Git project url
  • Git tag or commit reference (per version)


Submit this information to and we will process it as soon as possible! Also, if this is your first submission please provide some basic info about yourself and the author label you would prefer!

We look forward to hearing from you!