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Everyone loves applications. Just like your phone or desktop operating system, there are apps for Enonic XP too! The fastest way to install an app from Enonic Market is by logging in to your XP server - open the Applications tool and then press install. You may also download applications directly from this website at your convenience.

  1. Chatrify app

    Add full-featured chat capabilites to your Enonic XP sites.
  2. ContentHive

    ContentHive simply creates dummy text and images for your Enonic XP applications.
  3. Cookie Line

    Add a cookie notification line without the hassle of making one
  4. Corporate Theme

    Design and build a demo company web site with customizable modules.
  5. CronJob

    Enables a simple cron-scheduling of jobs.
  6. Disqus

    Add Disqus comments to pages on Enonic XP websites.
  7. Favicon

    Add favicons for all devices with a single upload
  8. GitPull

    Pulls changes from multiple configured git repositories.
  9. Guillotine - Headless CMS

    Guillotine adds a powerful GraphQL API to existing or new Enonic sites so editorial content can be accessed by any device or client.