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Everyone loves applications. Just like your phone or desktop operating system, there are apps for Enonic XP too! The fastest way to install an app from Enonic Market is by logging in to your XP server - open the Applications tool and then press install. You may also download applications directly from this website at your convenience.

  1. ADFS ID Provider

    Authenticate your users using your Active Directory Federation Services
  2. Azure AD ID Provider

    This ID Provider uses oauth to connect to Azure AD to authenticate users and sync groups
  3. ContentHive

    ContentHive simply creates dummy text and images for your Enonic XP applications.
  4. Corporate Theme

    Design and build a demo company web site with customizable modules.
  5. Custom CSS

    Add CSS to a website without having to build the app source code.
  6. Discussion

    Gives your website the possibility to list and create comments
  7. Disqus

    Add Disqus comments to pages on Enonic XP websites.