Image Lightbox icon

Image Lightbox

Let your users view small images in all their glory


  • Text editor with an image
This app adds an image style you can choose when inserting images into rich text fields in Enonic XP. The images with this style will be clickable. When clicked, the image will be visible in a “Lightbox”, which is a full screen view mode.


  1. 2.0.1

    • Bug fix: Adjusted regular expression for improved image processing
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.9.0
  2. 2.0.0

    • Prevent keyboardhandler from being executed if modal is not active.
    • Prevent image from stretching beyond it's actual size.
    • Fix shift tab on last focusable element.
    • Update gradle, xp and dependency versions.
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.9.0
  3. 1.1.0

    • Reworked app build
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.0.0