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Easily set up and use security.txt for Enonic XP


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Security.txt allows web service owners to outline security vulnerability disclosure policies in a simple and easily accessible format. It is currently an Internet Draft that has been submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force for Request for Comments review. This app allows site administrators to add security.txt to their site, with an easy-to-use interface in Enonic XP. See for more.


  1. 2.2.0

    • Added textarea option. Enables the use of PGP-signed security.txt
    • Added input fields for comments, preferred language and option to display canonical URLs
    • Removed external signature input field
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.10.0
  2. 2.1.0

    • Addes support for the Expire directive
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.10.0
  3. 2.0.1

    • Upgraded to work with XP 7
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.0.0
  4. 1.0.2

    • Initial version
    • Compatibility:

      • 6.7.0