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Azure ID Provider

This ID Provider uses oauth to connect to Azure AD to authenticate users and sync groups


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An older version of this application (for XP v7.7.3 or earlier) can be found here


  1. 2.0.2

    • Bugfix: removed excessive logging
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.7.4
  2. 2.0.1

    • Bugfix: fixed default-value handling for config values
    • Bugfix: config now defaults to '${oid}' instead of '${name}' (since 'name' can be an unstable value resulting duplicate users etc)
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.7.4
  3. 2.0.0

    • BREAKING: Remove config form (idprovider.xml)
    • BREAKING: Require config in
    • BREAKING: app key changed after project takeover
    • Compatibility:

      • 7.7.4