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Guillotine - Headless CMS

Produce and mange editorial content for any device or client


  • Headless CMS illustration - image accessed through headless API
  • Image autofocus is useful - even in headless mode
  • Guillotine - GraphiQL interface

Simply install and add this app to your site and it will automatically expose a powerful JSON API with access all editorial content produced in the site. The API can be used by virtually any client - including iOS and Android apps, smart TVs and smart watches, but also modern web-based sites and applications. The GraphQL-based API is fast, self documenting and easy to use for everyone.

With Guillotine, all the powerful CMS features of Enonic XP are instantly available for a range of new use cases. Sites built as Enonic Apps support continuous delivery and modern development processes. You can even bundle them with advanced application logic if needed. This makes Guillotine one of the most potent Headless CMS solutions on the planet!


  1. 0.1.4

    • Initial release
    • Compatibility:
      • 6.10.0